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    template for sale


    I have a simple template for sale. Template come's with all pages and is fully coded and PSDs are included. I aslo made the php mail script for the contact form so all i need is your e-mail and i could update it. This template is really easy to edit in dreamweawer.

    Template Cost - E-mail me on what your willing to pay. Looking for $5 or more. (Contact Details Below)

    - Full rights
    - HTML files (All Pages)
    - PSDs
    - Fully Coded

    Preview: Click Here

    Preview 1: Click Here

    Also, If you want all the page previews of the site you can send me an e-mail and i will take them.

    If your interested in this template send me an e-mail to: [email protected]


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    Can the "your site name" text be edited in Dreamweaver or do you need Photoshp for that?

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