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    Question about google adsense

    I"ve heard of other people doing it, but how do you do it? I want to target just the webhosting/webdesign sites because that is what my site is about, and for some reason google adsense is not picking anything up of the sort, more about how to protect your emails and such. Is there anyway to change what google puts out on adsense?

    Joseph Blossom

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    I think once your site is listed then the ads start to match. At first one of my sites was showing ads to a wildlife site.

    Now they seem to match whats on the front Page. TomTom Navigator was on the front page and I had Adsense links to distributers of TomTom.

    I think given a couple of weeks all will be better.
    -- Matthew

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    If he's getting non-charity ads, the mediapartners/adsense spider has already hit his page and that's what ads it's targeting. Hiding text or anything like that to influence the ads would be unethical for both adsense and SEO. Ya get what ya get; some days I have better ads showing than others.
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    yes, you get what you get

    I hope no one's using hidden text or anything because it's just ordinary people paying for those ads
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