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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    I am currently hosting a site using servermatrix as my provider and so far no complaints.

    The problem I have is my site uses an extreme amount of bandwidth and even with the 1000gb allowed my SM I am going over every month and it gets costly after awhile. I run a non-profit site and don't really mind paying for hosting but with the bandwidth overage cost itís getting expensive.

    I thought about getting a second sever to use just as a FTP server to help alleviate some of the bandwidth issues. I am trying to decide now if I can cost justify that idea or even if its possible. I donít really need anything but a server to be a FTP server.

    Is there any dedicated server providers that offer more than a 1000GB of bandwidth a month?

    I am just simply looking for ideas from people to see what my best options are or if there is a better-dedicated server provider to suit my needs for bandwidth.


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    You might be best looking for somewhere that bills you on 95th %ile or something similar. This means that you are billed by the average rate that you transfer data at, rather than the amount of data transferred. If you are talking about transferring 1000GB a month then (if I've done my maths right) thats an average rate of around 3MBits per second, which should cost you less than paying for 1000GB - certainly with the provider I'm with at the moment, it would be about 4.5 times cheaper.

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    Do you have any suggestions as to where I could find such a host?

    Thanks for your reply as well.

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    what is the bandwidth primarily being used for? would eliminating hotlinking help at all?
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    I have hotlinking disabled, but I am currently running a huge gaming site that has a lot of Video and Audio files that get several downloads a day.

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    its my understanding that to calculate average 95% its usually quite a bit over straight transfer (unless you're using the link fairly constantly as opposed to bursting it). what i mean is that although 1Mbps is 330 GB/month, usually if you ended up transfering 330GB, your 95% would be closer to 1.5Mbps.
    with the cheap first 1000gb most server places seem to have, it seems like if you could easily split your downloads this would be the cheapest option.

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