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    adding back what you've dropped for tables in phpmyadmin

    I accidentally dropped the search table that I actually need for my site through phpmyadmin, along with ones that i actually wanted to get rid of. How do I re-add it?

    I dropped the one through the main database, and the one in the modules (in phpmyadmin for all)

    Can anyone help?

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    there is nothing you can do. when you drop table files that have that table structure/contents are deleted.

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    to re-add...

    mysqldump -uUSER -pPASS DB TABLE < FILENAME
    [Assuming you still have a backup]

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    I just dumped all the files and then went back and used my backup... and now they just say that the modules don't exist.... i checked the ftp folder in modules (for Search and Stories_Archive) and they're there.... why is it saying they arent?

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    ok now the stories_archive works.... which means there must be a reason why the search one wont... maybe cause theres two language folders? stupid permissions.. not letting me delete stuff...

    edit: nevermind i got it all fixed... ftp tricked me, when i refreshed it i saw the problem and i got it all fine
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