I was wondering if I could ask for some advice. We are putting up a new server and I am afraid our lack of WHM/CPanel skills (we are used to Ensim) is causing problems.

Our needs are to have the server provide DNS and shared SSL to the domains and to use it for our company's web site.

Lets say the server name is:
secure.servercompany.net and it is at IP (defined in HWM)

We want to have a shared SSL certificate available for the domains that would be
https://secure.servercompany.net (we assume it would be at as this is the server's name)

The name servers would be:
ns.servercompany.net at (set up at registrar and defined in WHM)
ns2.servercompany.net at (set up at registrar and defined in WHM)

The web site for the server company would be
www.servercompany.net at (assume it can not be as that is the server and the primary name server and WHM would not let us set up a domain there)

We set this up and things seemed okay (don't have the SSL working yet) but when we went to define our first Name Based account things seemed to go crazy. If you put in the http://secure.servercompany.net or (the server IP) the web site for the first name based account comes up

Could someone point to what we have screwed up.