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    You wont believe your eyes! Such Cheap Advertisement! Must see!

    ---Must Tell you all before you read the rest of this entry!--- This is a limited offer! Once in a life time offer! Advertising at these rates! Get em now before the advertising closes and all the spots have been taken.

    Hi guys.

    My site gets over 1600 visitors every day, almost 40 thousand in a month. I am looking for some banner advertisement or even custom placement ads.

    Here are my proofs (updated!):

    If your interested please reply and say so..

    The prices are!

    2 dollar= 1 week
    4 dollars= 1 month
    9 dollars= 6 months
    16 dollars = 1 year
    20 dollars= new window pop up/ 1 month
    12 dollars= Dedicated non rotative banner!/ 1 month
    3 dollars= Text links non rotative / 1 month

    I also do permanant not rotative banners monthly which is 12 dollars a month! Always showing on every page not included in the rotation, reserve it now before they get booked!

    Also text links that are not in rotation 3 dollars each! get em now limit is 8 text links per month!

    Let me tell you about the new window pop up. This is when everytime someone comes to a new window will open and it will be your site.. Limit is once per person per month. Get em now before its too late. BOOK IT! THink smart, save money! THe prices will go higher soon!

    Any questions or comments please say so..
    I accept paypal, snail mail, money order.

    Also Please if you are interested in the New window/pop up monthly please reserve it quickly..

    New Window Pop: Reserve and book these months: May June July August September October November December

    Thats all i have to say.. If youd like your banner ad to be placed some where on the site customly not in a rotation, a place that it will stand out. please contact me via AIM or email.. Screen name is hovo2010 for aim.. PM me also. Will charge more for custom ad placement.
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