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    Thumbs up You need a website: Fully Developed *FAST* php based website in 3 days!

    You need a website in 3 days that needs to be fast, scaleable, and professional. You need it to be Quality created, and inexpensive.


    Look no further, we can make a fully developed website, powered by your choice of php engine into a fully developed website for almost any use you can think of!

    Use the LDU php engine, we can create a website with...

    - Forums
    - Pages
    - Categories
    - News
    - Downloads
    - Links
    - AND MORE!

    And it's even better then the original, see all the custom modifications that can be made at

    You can have a site like that, with all the features in 4 days, with a skin and a look customized for you. !

    If you run a webhosting company, we will make it look like any other hosting website, however you can change prices with a few key strokes, have an intergrated support system, and be scalable for any use you can think of!

    How much does it cost

    Our pricing system is simple...

    Full Website
    - All Modifications Needed (present on and others)
    - Custom Modifications +$15 Each
    - Custom Design (-20 if provided with a template)
    - Script Intergration
    - Full Base Development
    --- All the pages you need will be created, intergrated, and ready to use as you need! Got any content you need added, we'll add it! We'll write the pages (up to 8) and put in all the content you need!

    You have a full working website, fast, and completely made by us without lifting a finger!

    ( $120 )
    + $37 (copyright removal)

    Want to use a different engine! NO PROBLEM!

    We will work with any CMS system that is skinable and customizable! [We will also work with IPB] You choose what you want, we will make it work!

    Just need a cms/forum skined! Only $50, done in only 2 DAYS! Will work like a dog to make you happy!

    Contact Info...

    Email Prefered: webmaster[at]
    AIM: aea0gc
    MSN: [email protected]

    Please PM me for quicker responces.

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    Are all your developments built on a CMS?

    I'm considering creating these sites.

    1. A regional search engine
    2. A small business portal, with articles, links directory and forum (probably phpbb or IPB)

    Preferably, I will be able to edit both sites, myself with DMX.

    Is this something I should be talking to you about?



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    Has anybody got a response from this post?

    I sent an email 2.5 days ago...

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    I got responses to PM's re script insertion, but nothing on the above.

    I do like your signature, btw!

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