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    Business Partners? Would you have one?

    I have an increasingly successful linux website, and am working on starting a PHP based site as well.

    I am looking at the possibility of a "partnership" with someone else [THIS POST IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT!] who would help with:
    1) development
    2) maintainence
    3) marketing
    4) promotion
    5) Generating revenue

    in exchange for a share of the advertising revenue.

    Essentially They would be a webmaster of my sites (as well as me).

    My sites are developed in my spare time they are not a "business", just a hobby that generates a bit of extra cash. I have a full time job weekdays as a programmer for an ISP, and a part time job on Saturdays, so my time is limited.

    I feel the sites can make more money if i can put some more time into developing them. Hence i am looking at the possibility of finding someone to help out with the day-to-day running due to limitations on my own time.

    My Questions:
    a) Can anyone share there experiences in similiar situations/partnerships?
    b) Opinions? Is this a good/bad idea? Why?
    c) How can i watch my back and ensure i dont get ripped?
    d) What if it goes bad? eg, the person i select is lazy, can i just "sack" them without being dragged through the courts?
    d) Other thoughts/comments?



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    Any time you get a partner you are taking a risk. If it is a friend it can completely screw up the friendship. If you do go with a partnership make sure you clearly define everything in writing. The positive is you are sharing the risk and liability with someone else.

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