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    3D designer looking for work - and templates for sale

    I am working on building up my 3D portfolio, and therefore am looking for a few clients before i release the full portfolio. because this is portfolio building it will be considerably cheaper then normal.

    you can view my work below.

    Prices :

    3D server model - $20 per server
    3D icon or logo - contact for price negotiation
    3D model - $50 and up (depending on complexity

    anything else you have in mind, please contact me and we can probably work out a deal Thanks.


    and i have these 2 templates for sale.

    Rackfront (pictures are at 80% size)

    Comes with :
    - PSD (main and subpage)
    - Fonts
    - Full rights (including resale)
    - unique (will never be sold again)
    - 3D server models (four of them in .c4d and .tif)

    asking price - $100

    Xbox united (also at 80%)


    Comes with :
    - PSD
    - Fonts
    - Full rights (including resale)
    - unique (will never be sold again)

    asking price - $80

    payments over paypal. contact information below (ignore signature)

    aim - narayondm
    msn - [email protected]
    email - [email protected]

    thanks again. I look forward to some business with some of you.

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    Will you please PM me the answers as i wont probably find this post again.

    the DJ tables how much would it be for something like that as i wouldnt mind having things done like that not too complex done that i could use as stockimages.

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    great Servers, ill contact you soon.

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    jkblaze - I pmed you with the answer

    maverik - thanks I look forward to it.

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    Very nice work buddy.

    what program do you use? (for the 3D)

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    I'd say C4D judging by the materials..
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    yes cinema 4D. you will get the .c4d file along with .tiffs (ps editable)

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    That XBOX layout looks as sweet as the first time I saw it, and your 3D modeling is some of the best stuff I've seen lately. Beautiful work EXO!! (watermark those 3D images, before people steal them)

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    thanks gent. im not too worried about people stealing the models... theyre not for sale, only examples, so i dont have anything to lose.

    thanks again

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    i might be interested at making me a gaming layout
    nice designs

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    alright gaming core, sounds good.

    if anyone is interested - - are up for sale, pm or contact to make an offer. If it doesnt sell I will just keep it in reserve for a layout or later.

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