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    Exclusive Hosting Layout For Sale! Unbeatable Price!

    Hello. I have a exclusive hosting layout for sale. You might have seen it on other forums, but I have bought the rights to this. The bidding will start at 60 dollars and increments will be in 10. The buyout price will be $160. If I can't get an offer I will see what happens. It is very nice, sleek, and clean.

    You will recieve:
    PSD, Wire Vector, Fonts, Full Rights.

    Please put your comments, and I am hoping to see some nice offers in here.

    Thank you.


    PS: You can also contact me on AIM or MSN with offers.

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    down to 35 bidding

    Please, i need the money and I need this off my hands, Thank you.

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    How can people bid when your site is down....

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