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    Apache Newbie

    How do I let others see my webpage?
    It will show when I type my own IP just fine.

    I'm using version 2.0 on Windows XP.
    Thank you.

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    DNS, need to setup it up to covert the URL to the ip address, do you have dns on that computer or another computer?

    Also how do you have your DNS configuration on your domain registrar?

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    Yes, assuming you have a domain name registered, there are three steps to getting that domain name to point correctly to your webpage. In an effort to help, I'll try to break them down as simply as possible.

    First of all, you need to have the registrar from whom you purchased your domain to point your domain at the IPs of the nameservers that are going to run your DNS. Often times your registrar will handle your DNS for you, which allows you to skip directly to the second step.

    Next, you ask the person who is running your DNS to point the domain name at the IP of the server your webpage is hosted on.

    Finally, you configure the webserver on that server so that it knows when it receives a request to access that domain name, it should direct the user to your website.

    That is, conceptually, what needs to happen to get the results you desire. Not knowing what registrar, DNS provider or webserver you are using, I cannot give more specific details.

    I hope this helps.
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    I seem to be needing to post this link a lot!

    guides you through setting up a DNS to always point to your IP.

    NetHosted - UK based hosting solutions.

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