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    Server Configuration .... Need your recomindation

    I will get the Server with the following Configuration :

    Server Configuration

    Server: Super Celeron 1.7 GHz
    Primary HDD: 80GB Hard Drive
    Secondary HDD: None
    RAM: 512 MB RAM
    Number of ips: 5 IP Addresses
    Bandwidth: 1000 GB Bandwidth
    Uplink Port Speed: 10 Mbps Uplink
    Web Analytics: Urchin 100 profiles
    Floodguard: None
    SQL Server: None
    Backup Service: None
    Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 3
    Server Management Plan: Silver
    Control Panel: CPanel/WHM with Fantastico
    Shared MS SQL Server: None

    please any recomindation ???

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    I donít understand what kind of recommendations youíre looking for.

    Do you mean, a place where you can get that server for a good price? Or do you mean, changes that should be made to your selected setup?

    Brendan Diaz

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    What will you be using the server for?

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    X F e L i X

    I mean, changes that should be made to my selected setup


    I have a forum with 200,000 hit per day and mysql database=300 MB

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    If the server is for a forum, and is quite large, a Celeron 1.7 and 512RAM might inhibit the site's speed. I really depends how many concurrent users you have online at any given time. But one thing is for sure, you should upgrade to a gig of memory, it really makes a HUGE difference.

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    I am also planning on going for the above server from SM .

    I plan to run live streaming.

    Would it be fine and how many clients would it be able to serve if I use Quicktime's Darwin Server

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    I have a forum with 200,000 hit per day and mysql database=300 MB
    i think you should upgrade to PIV. How many online members at the same time? I mean the ONLINE members, not the total members in your list.

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    And not forget the robots. They are the biggest load contributors.
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    Originally posted by drek111
    I have a forum with 200,000 hit per day and mysql database=300 MB
    From what I experimented from my own forum site. Forum with database, will run much better with lots of memory and SCSI harddrive. Often processor is less important than SCSI (which is needed for fast seek rate and multiple read access especially for database), and Memory as SQL will each up loads of memory for caching. So more memory the better as when request are cache in the memory, it will then be very fast for each page request after the 1st request. This is especially so if you use IDE harddrive.

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    Find an apache alternative. Apache will try to hog all your cpu and memory which will reduce the performance of mysql if you run both on the same server.
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    concurrent users =100

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