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    Established eNom $6.95 Reseller - Currently $232 - Ends Tonight 7:30PM EST


    I have a rare established $6.95 eNom Reseller Account up for auction at eBay. By established, I mean that the account already has resellers and resellers of resellers currently making money.

    This established $6.95 eNom Reseller Account has a balance of $117.12 of commission, that you will receive as the owner of the account! This account has resellers (sub-accounts) and resellers of resellers (sub-accounts of sub-accounts) registering domains every month, giving you $2 per domain per year.

    A total of 56 domains have been registered since November, for an average of about 11 per month (or about $22 per month). However, since it is never the same monthly amount, I cannot make any guarantee as per the exact number of domains registered every month. 12 domains were registered or transfered in March 2004.

    Account Balance (from last refill): $6.35
    Commission Balance (from domains registered): $117.12

    Please click here to go to the auction page!

    Thank you for looking and good luck bidding!

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    a lot of those tld prices are *way* off what a real 6.95 a/c shoudl have them set @

    only the com, net, org, name and .uk look right @ first glance

    good luck to whomeve buys it !
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    How many active and non active resellers are there and are they all 8.95 reseller account? Are there any resellers lower than 8.95?
    Wanted forums with members and traffic.
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