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    PHP mail command fails

    I recently switched to an existing server of win2k3 running Apache2 with php.

    PHP seems to work perfectly except for the "mail" command. PHP applications that have their own SMTP seem to work ok. Little scripts that use "mail" seem to work but send out no e-mail (these scripts worked "before" migration).

    I have a SMTP server on the same server that will accept mail from it's own IP. I have several utilities that use this mail server and some PHP/perl scripts use it as well.

    My PHP.INI mail section looks like this:

    [mail function]
    ; For Win32 only.

    I have tried replacing LOCALHOST with the IP of the server (same thing). I have also upgraded PHP to 4.3.5 and same effect.

    Anyone have any idea where my problem may be or whare I should start looking?
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    Maybe you could try putting instead of LOCALHOST
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    No good. If I assign a remote SMTP the remote server doesn't even get a connection from my server. Anyone have any ideas what may cause this reaction?

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