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    Using /?var=something

    I am writing a web program that runs a tons of actions all off one index page (switches) and was wondering if I can call it like this reliably...

    It seems to work fine in the browsers I have tested but I was wondering if any issues existed.

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    No, you shouldn't have any browser based issues with urls like that.

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    The biggest two problems would be security and scalability.

    If someone asks for /?var=scriptname.php you'll need to code to handle that. Anything else like that may need to be done - i.e. /?var=../../../etc/passwd and so forth.

    Secondly, if you have 1000 people asking for an index page at the same time do you really want to be running a script for all of them? I guess that depends on the amount of static vs. dynamic content you have.

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