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    Split Server - Dual Xeon from SM

    I am looking at spliting the super xeon ( with 2 other people with WHM/Cpanel. I had picked out a company to monitor the system ( at $30/month.

    My cost would be as such:
    Monthly Server Fee: $207
    Server Administration Costs: $30
    Setup Fees: $99
    *Includes 13 IP addies and WHM/Cpanel

    Total Cost for First Month: $336
    Total Cost per person for First Month: $112
    Total Montly Cost per person: $79

    This would allow for 333 gig of bandwidth per month and 20 gig of space (that would allow 20 gigs unused).

    This could be used as backup space for an exsisting company, a reseller account for a small business, or many other options.

    My only request is that the server managment company is in charge of the root access and there will be no voice comm systems, irc chat programs, or gaming servers.

    Please send me PM's at WHT.

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    If I were you I'd find a sm reseller because usually they wipe the setup fee's and they charge less per month. That may help your potential clients, or what ever you'd like to call them.

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