This is a paid job offer via Paypal.

I have a form with some date fields... day (dropdown), month(dropdown) and year, for each gregorian and hebrew date inputs. What i need is a script that if someone puts in the gregorian date and clicks a convert button, it'll put in the hebrew date, and vice versa. As jewish/hebrew dates are from sunset to sunset the next day, if the checkbox labelled 'sunset' is checked for the gregorian date, then a day has to be added for the jewish date.

Hebrew dates are very very different to gregorian dates, and so the writer needs to be fluent in that

Payment wise, it'd be via paypal, and the price range i'm looking at is between $20 and $30 as this is a small feature to finish it off. I already have the conversion in PHP, but the client want's someting a little more dynamic. Payment is on successful completion.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions.