As some of you probably already know, I have launched a Christian Community at known as the Christian Serve Community. However, although we are a Christian forum, we also welcome anyone as we have forums targeted for other topics as well. We always welcome a good dicussion about anything - Christianity-related or not.

We're currently looking for some moderators to help us out with making certain that the forum has a safe and inviting atmosphere for all. We need people that can stop by from time to time, moderate the posts, and join in on the discussions from time to time. I'm afraid that the position doesn't come with many perks save the feeling of creating a good place for people to interact and an email forward or pop3 account. If you're interested in being a mod, please feel free to signup and send me a PM letting me know a little about you. We absolutely love to have you onboard!

Finally, we of course need members. If you'd just like to join in on the discussion, please feel free to do so. Once again, I stress that everyone is welcome to discuss any topic that we have. We want an open community where people can be friends and have fun.

Thanks and Kind Regards,
Denver 'CrazyTech' Hunter