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    I've got too many other things going on right now so I am selling this
    site. Started a couple months ago. It has alot of potential and
    already established with a nice group of loyal artists.

    Photopost licence
    Hosting account (1 month free)


    avg $10/m

    Has lots more potential for advertising, I really didn't do a good job

    with it so I'm sure you can make more.

    I want to start bidding at $210
    Buy it now for $500

    Auction will end on: 3/30/04 (next tuesday)

    PM me with any questions, thanks!

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    Does the site have any additional income other than $10/month adsense?

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    Originally posted by TechSolution
    Does the site have any additional income other than $10/month adsense?
    I dont. It would be easy to add a popup or banner. Taking my stats into consideration you could make an extra $20/m with burst or fastclick.

    I have a bid for $200

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    How long left on the photopost ?

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    Originally posted by Niftex
    How long left on the photopost ?
    Good till sometime in December 2004

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    $210....can I get a look at the stats...

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    Current bid is $220

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    i tried to buy this at no avail a few months ago... best of luck to the high bidder on this one...

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