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    why can't be created as sub-domain in cpanel/whm?

    intro : i have the a/c "" created by cpanel and i want to add "" as sub-domain but fail

    reason : when server name is requested as a url, there's always a need to show some critical stuff like dns setup to the users. so i doubt the idea of restricting server name a/c to be created by cpanel/whm. is it really non-sense or insecure to setup such "server-name" a/c?

    my solution : i end up adding a vhost record in apache httpd.conf for "" and all spare ips(not used for ns of a/c), pointing them to /home/domain/public_html/server w/ mod_rewrite to catch all kind of silly request like and xx.xx.xx.xx to a single html page

    disadvantage : the downside for manual addition of vhosts in apache httpd.conf is cpanel won't report stats of domians and subdomains not created by it

    how can i have similar config in a much better approach?


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    Interesting, but I didn't get your problem. If you cannot create subdomains, that means only that your account is not WHM authorised to create subdomains.

    Or you mean, you cannot create a subdomain name called "server"?
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