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    Automation Script

    I've decided to set up a hosting buissiness so i'm getting a reseller account but what i really need is a way to automatically set up an account when a user orders one. Payments are not a problem but the problem i have is setting up the users account without me interveining. Any body help?

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    If you do a search here for the words automated/automatic you will find numerous threads with the same question. All depends on the control panel you are offering as well..
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    yea thought it might thanks

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    Should also think about the fact that you might be opening yourself up for spammers and possibly fraudulent orders. Just something else to think on.
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    mwalters is right, it may open you up quite a bit, if you have no security measures in place.

    I would suggest whmManager from
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    There are various hacks that can enable automatic creation of acounts for the various control panels. The bigger job is to have strict measures in place to prevent undesirables from signing up (which will definately happen without deterrents).

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    It depends what system you use to your hosting really, you can create your own, or use APIs depending on what you got set up. For example, Cpanel has the "remote access key". some software such as modernbill and such can autocreate accounts on Cpanel and other systems.

    If you are not using some sort of hosting solution such as plesk, cpanel and such, if you have a straight up server, I bet you will need to code your own...

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    We would definitely recommend ModernBill, as it handles both the autocreation of accounts, as well as billing.

    If cost is a concern, you can begin with their monthly leased plan.

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    Hsphere does it all. Even has a spamguard which will help fish out fraudulent orders.

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  10. #10 You can be a reseller account and make account but you need WHM.

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    thanks you've all been a great help, decided to go with modernBill

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    Whoiscart has automation,but I would look over the orders before I gave them access to server.
    after you approving order you can auto set up using WHM.

    If you allow instance access,you are opening your server to hackers (who dont always use their own credit cards)

    price is right for whois apx $35

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    WHMAutoPilot is a sweet script for resellers. I recommend it to all my reselling clients.

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    As do I WHMAutoPilot Works Great
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    you can use whois.cart. Its cheap yet complete and full featured.
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