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    In a pinch looking for a good webhosting company.

    Here is a quick summary of what happened and what I am looking for...I currently help run a car club in Arizona. Our current webhoster is a member of the club and he has hosted our website/messageboard(since I have less than 5 posts I can't post the url but check my profile for it) for free for the past year and handled pretty much everything that has to do with the server. Some things have come up lately and he has decided to stop hosting our website, so basically I have 1 week to find a new webhosting company Here is the general info on the site:

    Website files... 354MB

    SQL Files for the Board... 171MB

    Bandwidth - 12G per month... not counting email notification traffic and such.

    I have done some searches on this board, and some reading but I am a newbie when it comes to this kind of stuff. Right now I am the admin to the messageboard but all I really do is make sure the board runs smoothely, do some changing to the html code now and then to keep the website up to date, and other simple stuff like that. I have never dealt with hosting companies before so I have no clue who is good, and who isn't.

    I have been looking at One-hosting, Lunarpages, and Frozenhosting and I am basically looking for some feedback on other good sites. Our club is registered as a nonprofit organization and have limited income so obviously price is a big concern, so no dedicated servers please. I figure we need something with atleast 700mb storage and 20gig bandwidth to accomdate us, that way we have room to grow.

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    there is a hosting request feature somewhere here, im sure someone can post the url!

    good luck!

    i miss arizona!! (ahwatukee!)
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    Fill in a webhosting request form on the link above

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    Lauren and Mark are talking about this:
    I also recommend you this:
    Note of caution: do a search for each company you consider here:
    See how they handle things and what their customers think about them. If they have a support forum (I know Lunarpages has one: spend some time there too before you go with a host.
    Be careful, DNS propagation can take 24-48 hours so you have less time than you think (about 5 days) to find a new host.
    Good luck!

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    And have you decided about your budget.. and also what else do you need.. PHP/MySQL etc?
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    Our budget is about $100/year and yes we need PHP/MsSQL for the messageboard.

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    IMHO, your requirements:
    700MB Storage
    20GB BW
    171MB MS SQL

    May be hard to meet for $100 annually, but good luck w/ your search!

    Edit: <slaps head and starts chanting "gotta read all of the post">
    Being a non-profit, you should be able to find a provider willing to help. I know we offer free hosting and specials for philanthropic organizations and I am sure others do also. You may want to try the Host Quote tool (top of the page) and let people know your requirements and options. You can then receive responses to your request.
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