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    * Server Specs, and commands etc..

    Hello everyone,

    I currently own a server, and will be putting up webhosting very soon on my server with cPanel and WHM.

    I also have Root access too this server and want to run applications off of it, shut it down know how too reboot server and all of those important commands.

    I just need a list of the commands, (most important) and which you need to know on how to maintain you're own server.

    I need these badly.

    And would like as many replys, links, etc.. to this topic..

    I'll be gladly appreciated for all replys etc.


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    On a linux system

    I meant.

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    I am looking for commands as well, expecially for installing applications/scripts.

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    Hmmm if you dont know how to manage your own server, why should you buy one? And if you want the linux commands... just do some research on the internet... or just read a ****ing linux book

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