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    Selling Advertising.. newbie question.

    Alright, I'm wondering exactly how advertising works. I see people selling advertising, and saying "5000 hits" or something along those lines. How can people guarentee 5000 people will click the ad?? Or is this just your monthly hit number, to your actual site where the ad will be placed? Further more, what (if any) banner rotation or logging scripts do you suggest? I have the option between.. Entropy Banner, or a free one heh

    Thanks guys, I'm new to this field, so, any input couldn't hurt.

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    Impressions is the name used with banners to indicate how many times it will be shown regardless of clicks. Hits should mean clicks on your ad. There are two main kinds of gauranteed hits, one is the kind like the Microsoft Banner Exchange (bCentral) provides, they simply rotate your banner until it gets that many clicks. The other is with those website-traffic websites, where they incentivise their own members to click on your ads. This probably isn't the kind of traffic you want.

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