I have a wish list that will be good for two weeks.

I am looking to purchase at least 25 more names at up to a total of $15K (i.e. $250-$1,000 each). I am not an end-user, so please do not bother offering low-traffic names for $X,XXX. I will not reply. I am a SERIOUS buyer. I purchased 50 similar names last month alone.

I only want offers by PM --please do not post here.

Only submit domains for which you can provide traffic stats, referrers, and at least a ballpark asking price.

Here's my current wish list (in order of preference):

- Marketing, Promotion, SEO, Traffic

- Mortgage

- Get Paid to Read, Get Paid to Surf, Surveys

- Affiliate Directory (i.e. like clickslink.com or gr1innovations.com)
*please check those examples to know the type of domain I want to purchase.

If you got 'em; I want 'em... Talk to me! ;D