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    WHM-AP installion error

    i have download and upload about 3 times and everytime i try to install i get this error "The encoded file /home/echoserv/public_html/orders/inc/whm_functions.php is corrupt." anyone know what i need to do to fix this


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    You need to upload the php files in binary format. The message you're getting means they got corrupted from being uploaded in ASCII (text) format.
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    If you post your question on the WHM AP support forums you are much more likely to get help from existing WHM AP users who have had the same problem.

    But as mentioned, the problem is likely because you did not upload the files in the correct "format". ascii -vs- binary

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    If you dont want to wait for the long upload, i just zipped the public_html folder of it and uploaded that and unzipped it in shell.

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