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    Talking looking for php script to do payment and customer registration

    Can anyone offer me a price to write a simple php script tat does the following :

    (point no. refers to page sequence)
    1. user enters domain for search and scripts return to this same page after the user clicks on 'check domain availability' with results of whether the domain is free anot. If the domain is free, the user clicks next (at the bottom) to continue to step 2

    2. user selects hosting plan by means of radio button. user keys in all relevant information like preferred username and password, registration information into this page form. User clicks next to continue (all information on this page is sent to the administrator)

    3. user is greeted with a page with a PayPal, 2CO and WorldPay button. user clicks on select button to proceed with remote online payment. (scripts of respective online payment buttons will be provided)

    4. user returns to this website with a page greeted with a standard template style message and user clicks 'confirm order' to complete the order


    Please if anyone is interested in doing this, give me a beep at [email protected]

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    think of you can buy the script for $35.00

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    Works the same way as you say if you have an eNom reseller account. Check it out and let me know if you want my older version for a lesser price.
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