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    Yahoo & MSN teaming up on Google????

    "It's important...for companies like Yahoo and Microsoft to start working more together, because we have a common goal--to take a greater and greater share of the marketplace," he said, speaking to Microsoft MSN's more than to the 500 advertising clients gathered here for the software company's fifth annual ad summit.

    MSN's referential attitude toward Yahoo comes at a time when search is a top priority for the company--one that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer lamented it had not focused on sooner. It also reflects MSN's reliance on Yahoo for commercial search, which is expected to comprise nearly half of the industry's revenue of $8 billion this year. Symbolically, it has the effect of pitting the two companies against No. 1 search player Google.
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    I dont think anyone will beat as its a search engine and does not try to be anything else. Yes, they have a lot of additions but Google itself will not be beaten. Yahoo and MSN are plastered with ads and pop-ups etc, and the searches are not that good. Also, the visuals of both search sites is not exactly pleasing or professional looking - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    I try other engines of search, but always go back to Google.

    They seem to be deteriorating however. Now when I try to find some BS to quote on forums, often I find myself Googling to other blogs and forums. A vicious cycle as one BSer adds to another's BS. Sort of like how a story gets better and better with each retelling.

    Anybody else get that impression, or am I imagining things?

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    Yahoo had a chance to really give Google a run for their money, but they blew it by being greedy at the outset and doing PFI. None of these guys can take their heads out of their a$$es long enough to realize that one of the main reasons for Google's success is free inclusion.

    Always bothers me to see such opportunities so foolishly squandered...

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