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    *Second week on WHT Only* - Targeted Visitors Special

    Since the first sale to WHT members went so well, I've decided to cut the rate of targeted visitors for only 1 more week!

    Now, visit our site and you can order geo+category targeted visitors for only $2.75/1000 visitors.

    Your special discounted ordering page:

    The minimum purchase for campaign's is only 1,000 visitors, so go ahead and try it out.

    If you are interested in Bulk Purchases, 50,000+ visitors, contact me and i'll make you a deal.

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    minimum on site indicates 5000.

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    I made a boo-boo
    It should now say 1,000
    Thanks for the heads-up!

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    The traffic you promote I assume is done through pop ups, correct?

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    Pop-under windows.

    I know... "what if a user has a pop-up blocker?"

    If a user has a pop-up blocker, the traffic server script will not execute. This means that you will never get counted off for a visitor using a pop-up blocker since no pop will be displayed to that person.

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    you never asked for my pop-up tho

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    That's what "URL: " is on the order form
    Dan Grossman - dan @
    My Blog | Affiliate Program for Web Hosts

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    i know it can sound like a stupid question, but what category would you recommend to target for advertising low cost hosting? and for business hosting?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    It's entirely up to you really. If you want to target business hosting, try the business or webmasters targeted category.

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    Gave it a shot, interested in seeing how it works out

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    Hope your campaign works out well for you mozdex.

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    its a great service i must say...i bought 1000clients from him...and and am SURELY buying another 30k more...thanks geesh!

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    Thanks for your comments Mike.

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