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    Automating Email Account Creation

    I have a basic form, the client fills out on my website, it adds the details to a MySQL database. I need it to actully create a pop3 account on the server. Im using CPanel, vhost, php is in safe mode. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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    i seen this in a different post, but there has only been one that i have heard that might beable to do that for you. u may have to do it by hand each time. i know i will be doing that. good luck.
    look in the reseller area u might find the post there.

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    One of the websites I host (I have permission to post it here) runs a webmail service similar to what you may be looking for. Their webmail part is at and it is using Hive Mail software according to the bottom, however it does not have a link. A quick search on Google did not bring anything up that went to their site, maybe someone else knows about Hive Mail. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    Check this doc. Haven't tried it myself, but seems to be ok to work

    <<< Fixed link. >>>
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