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    How to accept an "authorization" charge using Verisign?

    I finally figured out how to set my shopping cart to send "Authorization" charges. Now I can see if my item is in stock before I bill people.

    In my Payflow Link manager, it says Transaction Type: "Authorization".

    My question is, how to I ACCEPT this charge after I see that the item is in stock and ready to ship? I cannot find the function to accept Authorization charges after they show up in the Verisign manager.


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    Does verisign give you a manager or a virtual terminal to sign into to view transactions? This is where that should be.

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    There should be two ways for you to capture the authorized sale... one is via the virtual terminal function (you may need to use the reporting function first to pull up a list) and the second way is to use the PayFlow API via your shopping cart to capture it - IF that functionality is built into it. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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