I'm having a problem with DNS on my domain name motreja.com
I previously hosted with candidinfo.com and I'm now with siteflip.com

My name servers are ns1.sslnetworking.com and ns2.sslnetworking.com which show the correct IP address to my new web host (checked with network-tools.com).
The name servers are set correctly for motreja.com in a whois lookup.
However, when I try to access motreja.com, it leads to my old website.

It's been about 3 to 4 months since I discontinued hosting my website with candidinfo.com.
My old website is still working, I'm able to FTP using the IP address and access the cpanel !!

I made queries on my ISP's DNS servers and traced to ns7.indialinks.com which is advertising my old web host's ip address.
A few free anonymous surfing sites are also pointing to my old website.
I have mailed the owners of ns7.indialinks.com

While I know a thing or two about DNS, I'm no expert on the topic.
I was wondering if there is something I am missing.
Any help is greatly appreciated.