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    Help with virtual ip's

    I need some help with my Virtual ip's i have 8 of them but for the life of me i cant seem to get to them. Im running dedicated servers and would like to use the virtual ip's but i dont have a clue.Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    What are virtual ip's ? Never heard of those.

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    A virtual IP?

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    They are ip's that you can use to hide your real ip. In other words you have a base ip. and you can mask it by using the virtual ip.

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    Are you sure you are not talking about non-routable IPs, like you use in internal LANs and such, to route dynamically using methods such as NAT and DHCP? Otherwise, why are you trying to mask your IP?
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    Well the company calls them virtual they mite be the same as you said. The reason i want to mask my ip's is if i create a ftp access for a user whith a dedicated server he gets ftp access with a username and password. if he's smart enuf he can also ssh in whith same username and password if i could use these virtual ips then i thought (noob) that they wouldn't be able to access the ssh. Sorry if this doesnt make any sense i tried.

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    we can provide you virtu ips bp server.

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    Thanx cherity but we already have that im trying to find out how to use them.

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    you can limit user access to ssh and ftp without doing anything special with ips.
    just put denyusers into your sshd_config.
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    Ahh ok well thanx for the heads-up i apprecate it.

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