I am looking into lauching a online streaming video, movies and other contents service. All on demand or live streaming , membership based, most probably on windows media server 9, and mysql as database. I am looking into program or any customize software that fulfill my requirements.

I want professional sire where customers can pay and instantly get id and password so they can connect in no time through authentication system. Also I would be needing more than one server so I will be looking into integeration r communication between server (probably throguh database) where customer can authenticate at site and can (after payment and authentication) watch media from all different servers. At this time I am not into database and programing but i am quite anxious to learn myself for the sake of business.

At this time I know only one software that fulfill initial requirement (Video Guard at wwwHoyasoftcom ) . If anyone have any knowledge of any other deal please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help.