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    Need web-redesign?

    Do you run a web hosting business?

    Is your site not well organized and lacks usability? (i.e. Clients donít seem to click the right pages)

    Do you want a new website for ďfreeĒ?

    I know it sounds like an advertisement, but if you answered yes to any of this then, this might be a good opportunity.

    I am looking forward to get a reseller account on web hosting so that I can provide a better service to my clients and I am willing to trade my web design skills for a well-fitted reseller account.

    You may log in to my portfolio at if interested.

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    pm sent.

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    Hello, this is more or less what im looking for. Many options can be negotiated.

    - 2.5GB diskspace
    - 30GB badwith
    - 5IPs

    - be able to create unlimited domains
    - be able to create sub domains
    - have own name server for the reseller account

    - unlimited MYSQL
    - unlimited PostgreSQL


    - have some sort of customer management support(i.e. H-shere, modernbill, etc,)

    - two year contract

    best regards,
    Francisco Gonzalez

    [email protected]

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