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    Wikipedia -- Insanely Cool!

    I'd heard of Wikipedia before, but never really had any idea what it was, and never cared. The other day I went, and was enthralled. Yesterday I added my first entry; tonight I helped edit / add to a couple other entries.

    Essentially, it's an online encyclopedia, based on the Wiki concept -- anyone can sign up and edit things. I've found that its material is of top-notch quality, aand love the concept of it being open-content.

    Anyway, I was entering random terms in the Search box to see what I found, and noticed that it lacked an entry for "virtual private server," an oft-discussed topic here, so I wrote one:

    There's still a lot of hosting-related stuff not there ("dedicated server" comes to mind), although you will find an excellent description of more complex technical terms.

    My friends think I've gone totally off the deep end, but I'm completely obsessed. I'm definitely not the most knowledgable person here, so I'd love it if others here wanted to sign up at Wikipedia and enhance my VPS entry, along with starting pages for things that aren't there but should be.

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    This wouldn't happen to be a thread posted due to my recent thread about starting a wiki, would it?

    And yes,I love wikipedia!
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    Originally posted by Xshare
    This wouldn't happen to be a thread posted due to my recent thread about starting a wiki, would it?
    Nope, hadn't read that one until now. (Although that's a good idea.)

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    its fantastic...its mostly focused on tech/internet, but also has many obscure articles you will not possibly find in any encylopeida....look for 1337, or hex speak, or masturbation(! lol)

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    I first found out about the site via , it sure is one hell of an interesting resource. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    I can assure you that in my field of expertise, Wikipedia is providing very professional information, both formal-language (using proper diacritics) and content-wise.

    I am eager to read your entry on VPS! :-)
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    Originally posted by net-trend
    it sure is one hell of an interesting resource.
    That it is.

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