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  1. #1 Opens!

    Please check it out.

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    Mar 2004
    you didnt change it much
    and unless your Ashraf Abed- who made that skin for v.b., then you really did practically nothing.
    So theres not much to review

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    Nice theme none the less..

    But what exactly would you like to be reviewed?
    - Tim

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    pretty active for the first day without much advertising... and I can't really rate my own skin lol, but it looks like it could grow to be a good forum

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    I just get an "Offline" message.

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    Mar 2004
    The guy who made the skin posted.

    I use to think its a small world......

    Lol, funny funny funny

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    Well that lasted all of a day! The bored says it's already closed.
    - Tim

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    Ha. The board is bored.
    Serial Beggar
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    Ouch ;/
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    It's not closed i had to install the online today hack so i had to turn it offline .


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