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    ****** - have you had a bad experience?

    I signed up with ****** in early January, and made it through the first 30 days (the warranty period) without any trouble.

    Another month later, they disabled one of my paths and sent me an email accusing me of "CPU abuse". The section they disabled was strictly HTML/javascript and I can't for the life of me figure out how something like that could abuse the CPU. So I sent them an email and asked them if they were just guessing which part of the site was causing the problem. I was just about to go on vacation for a week, and asked them to please keep the site up and we would discuss when I got back. Their email asked me to call them to discuss.

    When I got back from vacation, my site was gone, my password revoked etc.

    They will not answer my phone calls, and they won't return my emails.

    I guess it's $90 wasted and there is nothing I can do but learn a lesson to *check the Better Business Bureau* and other things before I sign up with anyone else again. The BBB site said they pulled this CPU abuse stunt many times.

    I'm fuming mad... not so much over the $90, but the whole principal of it. How can they dare accuse me of CPU abuse and not provide me with a shred of proof? Their "terms of agreement" even say they could charge me $150 for "breach of contract" because I supposedly abused their CPU. This is ludicrous... they could completely fabricate the CPU abuse excuse, and just take my money.

    Anybody else have a lousy experience with ******? Misery loves company!

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    Anybody else have a lousy experience with ******? Misery loves company!

    Also do a search here:

    Good luck finding another host. A good one this time!

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    a few people have posted bad experiences with ******..
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    ldcdc, thank you for that link. I wish I had seen that before!

    I do have a good host elsewhere, but they charge too much for the bandwidth I need, but they are otherwise excellent. (Westhost)

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    e-mail can get pretty slow sometimes.

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    ****** is terrible. Luckily I cancelled within 30 days and got all of my money back. I had to hound them for over a month to get the money back though.

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    I'm happy to report I got my money back. They weren't returning my calls or answering my emails, so I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and that seemed to have got their attention. They were VERY PLEASANT about giving me a refund - they phoned me three times today to let me know that it was being processed today, and the refund showed up in PayPal this evening.

    I still have no idea why they think I abused their server.

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    Glad this ending wasn't all that bad. They they have huge bandwidth plans and did your site nearly utilize them ? They could have decided to call that 'abuse of resources' !

    Best of luck with your new host

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