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Thread: 3d work

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    what do you usually charge for simple 3d logos

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    Any samples or portfolio to view?

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    still await your reply.

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    are a few examples of some models i've done

    prices totally depend on the complexity of the models
    whether you want them animated etc.

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    Hey inaktive, very nice stuff.

    You must be friends with CG? I've done biz with him on a couple different projects. Good guy.

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    yeah im going to school with him.

    hes more into the web stuff... gonna be applying my 3d skills to try and make some extra cash.

    ALot of people contacted me..

    i guess 3d images and icons are in high demand
    guess ill have a working portfolio pretty soon

    if you need stuff done msg me on msn,
    could always use more work

    i will post my portfolio on cg's site when i get enough stuff together

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