If you currently resell servers for Nocster, and are looking to get out of the reselling business, I'm willing to buy clients. Here are my conditions:

- Clients must be paying by Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal at the moment. I don't accept anything else, so clients must be able to switch to my billing system easily.

- Minimum profit of $12/month after processing fees per server.

- All clients must be up to date on all payments before being transfered to my reseller account.

- You must provide full records of client information for each server upon purchase, including, but not limited to: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Server Name, Monthy fee charged to client, monthly fee charged by Nocster, Server specs (CPU, RAM, HD, Bandwidth, # of IPs, All IP addresses attached to the servers, Cpanel (Yes/No), and OS ).

- You must also provide us with the length of time that you've been reselling servers for Nocster for.

Please email all questions to [email protected] . All questions will be handled privately. If you wish to sell clients to me, please include the number of servers you wish to sell, as well as the total monthly profit from all servers and your asking price to [email protected].