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    Looking for graphic designers

    Hello. We are searching for graphic designers who are interested
    in working with us on a newly released software technology.

    ShapeShifter DSP™ is a new software technology that converts
    the static architecture of the Ensim® WEBppliance™ Pro and
    Ensim® Pro control panel into a dynamic, multi-skinned, user
    configurable control panel interface.

    Those of you that are familiar with the ensim control panel know
    that by default the interface is capable of using one static skin throughout all user levels.

    ShapeShifter DSP™ replaces the entire four user level static control panel
    architecture with our new dynamic skin processor software technology, thus
    allowing the server administrator and all levels of their clients the ability to select
    from one of (8) eight visually captivating skins as well as adjust font sizes for optimal viewing.

    We are now accepting additional control panel layout designs
    which we will convert into skin plugins for use with ShapeShifter DSP™.

    No coding is required by the designer. We will convert selected
    designs into ShapeShifter DSP™ compatible skin plugins.

    We will be paying for the exclusive rights to each graphic design
    we decide to utilize. The price offered for any specific design will
    range between $50.00 to $100.00 + and is negotiable, to a
    point, based on the quality of the design.

    The designer will also receive recognition within the release
    notes of the skin plugin, which will include the designers contact
    information and/or URL.

    Please visit our site for more information on ShapeShifter DSP™
    and screenshots of the skins included with the base package.

    If interested please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

    Thank you. - Your source for affordable, professional application development and quality website scripts.

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