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    Best way to move data centers: Nameservers?

    Hi, all. Here's my situation:

    I currently share a server with a small group, but will be moving most of my accounts off onto a dedicated server in another datacenter.

    Right now I have and registered with the old server. These are the name servers that my clients use with their domains.

    On the new server I have complete control over everything. The new server is running WHM and Cpanel.

    How should I set up name servers on the new server so that all I need to do is update the IP addresses of the nameservers with my registrar, and wait for propagation to occur? I can't assign IP addresses to and on the new server, because they already have IP addresses assigned to them - WHM errors out with the message:

    "Sorry, the nameserver already has the ip x.x.x.x assigned to it."

    My assumption is that I need to create nameservers on the new server before I can start adding domains, but I don't want to change the IP address of my nameservers with my registrar now because I don't want my clients' sites to start resolving to the new server until I'm completely ready.

    Any advice is really appreciated!


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    why dont you use dns1 and dns2 and just change the nameservers of your domains when you fully moved.

    later on modify the ns1/ns2 to dns1/dns2 Ips and you'll be done
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