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    Designer wanted

    Looking for a web designer to design a job-seeker type site with a unique blend of graphics/text/layout. I'm not looking for a cookie cutter site. If you are interested and would like for me to look at your qualifications, please pm me with examples of your work and we can go from there as far as ideas, site content, etc. . I'm sure I will get multiple responses, so please don't be offended if I go with someone other than yourself (I can't pick all who apply), even though mostly if not all who apply are qualified for such work. TIA

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    Hi i have free time and i would like to create this for you.. My rates are from 20 dollars to 60 dollars! Depends i might even charge less depending on how specific you want the design maybe 30. Anyways. few samples of my work are:

    The latest work ive done was for anyways if your interested in my design please contact me aSap! via email at [email protected] or by AIM screen name: hovo2010 or just PM me. Cant wait to here from you soon.

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    I am currently working on my new portfolio, it's a bit buggy atm, still new,

    aim-losmuchachas if interested

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    Interested. PM'd.
    HQ Max

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    Does it also involve coding?

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    I am interested.

    Take a look at my portfolio here:

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    I'm looking at a few designers right now, so the need is on hold until I review the ones who responded. Thanks to all who replied.

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