I should be setting up shop on monday. I am looking to partner with many different web designers who do not have web hosting or a domain name (hosted as long as you refer your clients to my company for hosting, plus the first 2 months profit of the web hosting package returned to you through tradtional paypal.

at the moment i have www.axisynergy.net that i could transfer to anyone wanting that domain as well as as a liberal amount of space and plenty bandwidth on a 2.4ghz p4 machine with 1 gig of ram.

I would like to look at your profile and I would like to ask that if i bring a client to you for work that you do it at a discount to the client.

please let me know if your interested by PM.

the domain will be yours, hosting yours as long as you want to be my partner. the particular domain i have available is registered for 2 years.

i'm a new startup company offering traditional redhat linux hosting with all the bells and whistles and security updates that wont be functional until most likely monday.

that includes fantastico.

tech support will be from morning until evening and will try to maintain responses to trouble tickets within a 4 hour time span.

i am hoping to be able to give a decent aspiriing designer a chance at earning a little money.


Arthur Jr.