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    Exclamation Looking for a new experience...

    Well I know a bit in web design and basic HTML and that can actually get a bit boring once you donít do it for a long time due to lack of clients and when you have them lack of information. I'm 13 and I am looking for a totally new experience, this means something like taking a go at a business like web hosting or another new experience (not owning one but helping out). The reason for this is simple, I want to pick up new experiences and be able to use them in my future to earn my money and have a good life.

    Anyone who will be able to probably help me learn a totally new experience please contact me by PM or post here, I will provide other contact information once requested but I would prefer these.

    Thank you to all who have read,

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    Hey James,

    Please contact me, I've got a great offer for you. I have some experience working with young people, so my guess is that you'll like my offer.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Well im still up for offers, im lookign for offers on different positions and then i will choose one of them. if theres 2 small ones available i may pick them.

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