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    Longer UserName field length in HWM/CPanel?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to set the UserName in a new account in WHM to be longer than 8 characters? We share a security certificate and the user name is part of the HTTPS://, so we need more than 8 to identify customers well.


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    open: /scripts/wwwacct

    if (length($user) > 8) { deaderror "Sorry that username is too long. MAX is 8 letters"; }
    You should edit login length here. You can't exceed maximum system login length.


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    Whould this cause any known errors?

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    I too need to know if changing the default value would cause errors because I would like to use domain names as usernames.

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    ^ yep.. me to .. lol...

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    I wouldn't advise using this sort of scheme.

    If you alter the way cPanel works you could find yourself not being able to backup the accounts or transfer the accounts.

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    Hmm, I'm interested in this too...

    then what scheme should we use?

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    This is probably a question best asked in the forums.
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