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    Looking for help on managing a dedicated server

    I have just started researching information about managing a dedicated server. Right now i use reseller hosting, but I am looking into the option of leasing a dedicated server. The only problem is that i would like to read up on it, heavily, so that i know exactly what im getting in to. Can anyone give me advice or point me towards advice on things such as waht to look for in a dedicated server? do i need to set anything up on these machines or are they preconfigured with cpanel and whm (thats what my reseller host has)? what common maintenance tasks need to be preformed on a dedicated server? how do you manage your customers on a dedicated server? things like that

    Thanks a lot

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    If you purchase a dedicated server inclusively cpanel/whm they mostly install it already (basic install). Making the server secure, install a firewall, adjust the settings of the WHM/CPanel needs to be done by yourself. You can also let the company do it for you, but then we're more looking on the sides of a managed server which costs a bit more then a basic unmanaged server.

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    what would you guys recommend? a managed server or an unmanaged server? also im still looking for how to information on managing one


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    Try PMing TheLinuxGuy , he is a great server manager. He is the best resourse to go to, and he is very professinal, check him out!
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    after searching and reading some more posts, it looks like keeping an unmanaged server up to date is a LOT of work, especially if you are new to linux. So I have a question then, with an unmanaged server, is everythign done for you? what kind of tasks are common with a managed server? basically i want to beable to set up reseller accounts and personal accounts (me and a couple freinds are going to be splitting it, effectively having 4 reseller accounts each with our own websites on there)

    Any advice on how to do this?


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    i to am looking for information like this...

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    The easiest way is to contract a fully managed servers and reserve for yourself only the hosting (WHM/Cpanel) routine. Have a look at the Dedi Offers Forum and you will find at least three dedicated resellers who will gladly take that burden on them (some will even give you some substantial discounts).
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    You can also look at going with a VPS Solution like from VPSColo, Dinix, and ServInt.

    You can get more of the management of a shared system, with more guaranteed resources.

    I am with VPSColo and have been very happy. I have been Dinix and they are excellent also.

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