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    Template for sale

    I am offering the following template to buy via PayPal. It will come with the psd and html files styled in css to xhtml standards.

    I will also do customisation such as changing link text etc. but if you have photoshop it shouldn't be such a problem. Most of the page is in html anyway.

    I will accept the highest bidder for it, starting at $100

    All of this is unique and will never be sold again, and you do not need to include a link to me.

    For more info or an offer contact me via PM or at [email protected]


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    Obviously, the sold version will lack the sample text.

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    It's nice but I think it is way to much money for just something simple, sorry if I put you down but I just think you can get something with more quality for that price.

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    I am free to negotiate.

    Saying that I am doing some good coding and customising to it before purchase to your wishes. I may also do a few pages of content if you feel that will help.

    Plus I'm british and $100 is only 50 which isn't really that much

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    Good luck on your sale.

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    New design. It would be good for a nature site.

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    well 50 pounds may not seem a lot to you, but $100.00 is a lot may want to think about lowering U.S. dollar price.

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    As I said, negotiable.

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    Rule of the advertising forums is no criticizing so please stop. It's not anyones decision to question a persons sale price. These are common mistakes that occur that get people warned or banned.

    Just some advice.

    Btw, good luck with your sale.

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    Also, I am offering this template.

    XHTML, CSS standards etc. all kept to. Customisation will be offered and it will be unique.

    This can be bought for $80 on its own or you can have both the templates together for $150

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    Any offers. Both prices and the combined price can be negotiated.

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    OK, ignore the prices now. I'll accept reasonable offers. I need to make at least $100 out of the sale of both templates (together) though.

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    Any offers? Feel free to negotiate. I really need to make a sale on this by tonight.

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