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    Domains and Templates for sale (I need $160)

    Hi. I need to get $160 via paypal asap. I have the following that I am willing to sell to get that: (02-nov-2004) Godaddy (27-aug-2004) Godaddy (05-apr-2005) Namecheap

    Three previously purchased templates:
    Template One
    Template Two
    Template Three (fully coded with helpdesk)
    I HAVE NOT used these templates and they were sold to me only. I also did not create them. I'm not taking credit for them at all.

    I am also willing to do some logo/design work for you. Please I need to get this as soon as possible. You can see some of my previous logo designs here:

    Please email or PM me if you want to get any of this.


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    55 views, no replys. I just want to let you know that I'm not expecting to get $160 from one person. If you would like to get one thing here, feel free to make an offer

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    how much for

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    ok $10 whats your paypal email..

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    have you got AIM?

    Nike Athle17ic

    is mine

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    How much
    James Talbot
    E-Mail - [email protected]

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