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I created this site as a "hobby" project and am now to the point that I would like to sell it. The entire site is run through an administrative control system. Nearly every detail on the site can be changed through these administrative options. It really is a fun site and it has the potential to make some serious money. I have just run out of time and can't devote my energy to this project anymore. If someone can come up with a great marketing plan I'm sure they will be successful.

Anyway, this is what is included in the sale:
The domain name,, which is registered until 07/2004.
The website including all graphics and html.
The Contest Director client license and account.
All affiliate accounts attached to the site - Linkshare,, Focalex, and Affiliate.
FREE advertising for one month. A TOP listing on our 1,000 visitor per day websites.

The only costs associated with running the site are website hosting and software licensing. Website hosting is not included in the offer, but can be obtained for $5.00 per month if kept at current location. Software licensing for the Contest Director software is $5.00 per month, but discounts can be obtained by purchasing more than one month at a time. Both hosting and software licensing can be paid for through the administration panel of the site.

Make an offer here on the board by sending a PM or simply email my regular address at ryan @

Thanks, everyone!